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Friday, 29 November 2013

Fleet Manuals and Stat Cards are out for v2 of FSA!

Fleet manuals for the six core races are now available for download from the Spartan Games website, everyone...rejoice! Here they are;

As well as this little treat, I've finalised the v2.0 stat cards I've been working on as well. These were adapted from the original ones I created about a year ago, with v2.0 in mind. I've rearranged the stats based on the new turn sequence in FSA, so the wings are first, together with command distance, as they are used at the beginning of the activation. Then you have movement, turn limit and mines.

Next is the diagrammatic representation of the ship, with weapon range bands, types and stats. After that, you're into defence - shields, PD and the DR/CR of the model. The final block of stats is for hull points, crew points and assaulters. Where two or more numbers exist separated by a stroke "/", this represents possible alternative values available from hardpoints and upgrades - you simply strike the one that's not relevant.

As for MARs, Hardpoints and Upgrades, all are shown on the right side of the card, with a check box so you can see what you've bought. You can also see what other ships can accompany the ship (if any).

I'm thinking of laminating mine and then I can just wipe off after use for next time...

Anyway, this time I've divided them into handy fleet PDFs, just like the Fleet Manuals from Spartan. You lucky people! :-) Enjoy! (and if you do find any errors, let me know!)

Directorate Stat Cards
Terran Stat Cards
Aquan Stat Cards
Sorylian Stat Cards
Relthoza Stat Cards
Dindrenzi Stat Cards

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