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Monday, 2 July 2012

Back to 40K...

After the Spartan community debacle, I couldn't bring myself to look at any FSA models at the weekend, so I thought I'd get back to sorting out my Hellhammer and painting up a landraider. The Hellhammer has sat around for ages - I've always intended to sell it, but other things have always been more important/distracting. Anyway, I need the money so that's always a push in the right direction. First up, I needed to spray the sponsons, and then go over the whole thing paint chipping with a Karisma silver pencil. Here's progress to date...

Next up is to do the detail painting on the sponsons and weathering, then she's done. Then it will be ebay and off to it's new home!

Next up was a landraider, which on a whim I decided to paint up as a Blood Angels vehicle (I'm normally an Ultramarines man). So, a base coat of Mechrite red, followed by Blood Red and Blood Red/Blazing Orange sprayed highlights;

An overall wash of green for contrast (still wet in the photo)...

...and then drybrushed with Blood Red and then Blazing Orange;

Lots of specific painting to go now - lascannons, exhausts, bolters, tracks, emblems, lights....then more washing & drybrushing, followed by weathering & paint chipping. Seems like a long way off but getting the base colour sprayed is always the biggy, as I don;t seem to get the time to spray as much as I should or would like.


  1. Looks good so far!
    Just don't jump into that maelstrom again ;)
    Fear about isappointment by TheBigGamesCompany is sort of self fulfilling prophecy ;)

    Better get your son some british/us/soviet armor and play Disposable Heroes ;)


    1. Oh don't worry, I'm not falling into the 6th edition of Battlemallet and all it encompasses....

      I've actually quite a back catalog of WWII armour, both in 1/87th to 1/72nd scale and 1/300th scale, so we may well do that!