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Saturday, 7 April 2012

Holiday Post...Army Builder

4/4/12: I had a couple of back & forth emails with Chris of The Black Ocean about the Firestorm Armada Army Builder files last week- mainly about a couple of ideas I’ve had about solving some of the current issues with wings, cruisers and escorts. I did some work on them last week, and finally got the Army Builder files completed whilst on holiday in France – visited a Caramel factory in the morning and Bayeaux in the afternoon, finished the files in the evening. Also finished the battle report in which my Dindrenzi/Relthoza took apart Oscar’s Aquan/Terran fleet – entitled “The Charter of Might”, which was my Dindrenzi battleship’s name. I’ve put it as a PDF as it’s really too long as an addendum to a post. Missing my fleets whilst I’m away – I should have brought some of them and some paints so I could do them while I’m here…ah well, next time!

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